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Deftones Delay "Leathers" Premiere

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sorry for the delay everyone. It seems there has been confusion regarding my tweet earlier about me posting "Leathers". Deftones were originally premiering "Leathers" on September 18th, according to an original press release. I wasn't going to be around during the day to post about it as soon as they premiered the anticipated song until I would arrive back home, which would have been roughly 11:30 PM central time. So I anticipated being able to post about it and supply necessary extra links for convenience of my readers, but still no word on their premiere.

Even if I had a physical copy of the track in my palm, I would not post it without written consent or before Deftones have officially released the track to respect their copyright.

Deftones will more than likely post the anticipated premiere some time on September 19th. I'm sure there was some sort of complication that arose in the midst of the original release time today.

As stated before, "Tempest" will be the tentive first single from "Koi No Yokan" and is said to hit the radiowaves some time on October 9th.

In the meantime, we'll just keep counting down the days when the full album comes out.



  1. g4ry said...

    Post it in 24-bit lossless :)

    Then do that with 'Lovers' too.

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